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Part One highlighted many of the historical features of the Greek community in the Los Angeles area, the heritage and cultural background, tradition and achievements of early Greek immigrants. Hosted and narrated by Olympia Dukakis along with John Kapelos, "The Pioneers" premiered in May 2002 at 20th Century Fox Studios, Los Angeles, California. Between 2002 and 2003, "The Pioneers" has been screened in numerous universities and cultural centers across the United States.

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The Promise of Tomorrow 1940-1960

"The Promise of Tomorrow" is Part Two of our award-winning series, "The Greeks of Southern California Through the Century." The documentary series is the universal story of the Greek American experience as seen through the eyes of those who settled in Southern California. "The Promise of Tomorrow" chronicles the Greek American journey of the First Generation Greek Americans who were raised in Southern California, changing the face of our community. Academy Award winner Olympia Dukakis returns to host "The Promise of Tomorrow" as it explores the way in which the Greek American community has become an integral part of American history while maintaining a strong and unique Greek identity.

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The New Greek Americans 1960-2018

This film serves as Part III in a trilogy which first premiered in 2002 with The Pioneers 1900-1942, and Part II premiering in 2009: The Promise of Tomorrow 1940-1960. The New Greek Americans 1960-2018 beautifully celebrates how those of Greek descent in America view themselves by way of identifying with their heritage. The film is narrated and hosted by Olympia Dukakis (Academy Award Winner of Best Supporting Actress in 1987 for Moonstruck), and is interspersed with personal oral histories and narratives where various interviewees of Greek descent recount their personal experiences and stories. Interviews featured all generations, and many from varying professions, including but not limited to: branches of the Military, prominent professional/entrepreneurial leaders, community members, and celebrities/entertainment industry professionals.

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