The Floga Project

Concurrent with the production of the documentary series, the Greek Heritage Society is also working toward establishing an Archival Resource Center to house all the historical materials that have been compiled through the Oral History Program. Through its FLOGA (ΦΛΟΓΑ) Project (FLOGA in Greek means FLAME, and signifies PASSING THE TORCH from generation to generation), the Greek Heritage Society documents the story of early Greek immigrants and highlights continuing generations. In doing so, it provides its community with an extensive database of Southern California's rich Greek American history. The archive will consist of a computerized catalogue of video footage, photographs, and written documents gathered and produced by members of the community.

Partial List of Interviews:

- The Scolinos Family Interview
- Angie Papadakis Interview
- Dr. George Emmanouilides Interview
- Akrevoe Kondopria Emmanouilides Interview
- Theodore "Ted" Pappas Interview
- Faye Kyriax Demetriou Interview
- Constantina (Dina) Skouras Oldknow

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